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Everybody needs inspiration. Luckily for me, I have one at the moment. Oh, if ever he reads this, consider me dead. He doesn’t know. Neither would I want to tell him but well whatever. If he gets here, he must’ve stalked me all the same, so he has some explaining to do too. Haha!
Oh. Sorry for the tone. Gosh! See, I rarely make posts lately then suddenly I’m this gooey-dooey sugarcoaty girl writing in a mushy tone. I apologize.

So getting to the point, I just realized how having a real, hand-picked inspiration help in boosting one’s self-esteem. It’s already given that when we’re inspired we get to do things better but what I mean is that, there’s that one thing —not necessarily a person, can be anything— that brings genuine happiness to us without any effort at all. And that happiness becomes our inspiration, our driving force.

As for me, I found it not only with the person I was talking about at the beginning of this post. Honestly, as I think of it now, this person probably is part or the end result of me being inspired and all. I found him just as I decided to lose it all. Ohh. How very deep of me. Haha. But no, really. I wasn’t looking for someone at the moment. I want to pass my exam, first thing. Second, be a practicing civil engineer and earn lots of money for cosplay. Haha. I decided to leave my old habits behind and change to be a better me. Those attitudes which brought me to failure, little by little I am trying to exterminate them in my system. God-willing I was able to surpass some and still trying to change as of now. I may sound too proud of myself to claim that God is rewarding me with my good deeds, that’s due to my limited point of view. But in the eyes of God, I deserve all these that He has given me. And I am very much thankful for EVERYTHING. I need all these —positive or negative— things to keep me going. What I have now, all came from the Lord because He wants to help me. He listens to my cry. Through sincere prayer, I know that He let me meet this person so that I can strive to be a better person for him. I want to be a better person for him. So first things first!

Honestly, this post was meant to be a confession but it ended up this way and I like it better. I felt more inspired actually. Haha. YOSH!

All the praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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