2020, I’m ready… I guess.

Casually hoping I am not too late but hey, Happy New Year!!

2020 came rushing like a meteorite shocking everyone with its head on impact. As if a year was compressed to a month and it literally was just the first of the new year. I guess I need not to enumerate as a list of the events have been circulating on social media lately but I sincerely hope everyone is doing well now.

Pictionary is such a fun game!

These happenings actually influenced my coming back to blogging, somehow. Even though I have planned on having my domain hosted since December last year, I had errands that needed more attention so it had to wait. But now, the blog is back. And I am very grateful.

I have this favorite quote that I read somewhere, maybe on social media which says “Look for the dream that keeps coming back; it is your destiny.” I liked the thought that in this world, especially in this time when opportunity has become rare because everyone seems to be so great at things that it is even harder to keep up, still there is this one thing that is destined for you and you just have to see it for yourself.

I am going 28 and honestly, there were so many things that I wanted to achieve by this age when I was a younger teen or even during my daydreams. To not be so hard on myself, I actually achieved some and this blog is one of them. And it feels refreshing coming back. Is writing my destiny? I hope so. Writing a book is one of my dreams, too. Thinking about it now makes my heart happy and inspired.

Thinking about dreams and inspirations, I become interested in knowing other people’s inspiration too. To anyone reading this, are you into writing also? Or maybe owning a coffee shop? Probably designing clothes? I’d love to know them. Please share on the comments if you have spare time.

By the way, I would like to thank my friend, Nadine, who has always been my go-to sensei for blogging since day 1, for helping me bring this blog up yet again this time.

Check out her site for affordable web hosting plans: http://www.oh-rainbow.net

Again, happy new year everyone!

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