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1366×768 wallpapers

I don’t want to brag but just so you know, I have my own laptop already. Hihi! As always, my rich friend Roger provided me with the most –as my siblings call it– jackpot deal. Actually, this was his laptop but he wanted a MacBookPro so bad, he sold this to me. Oh the good heavens must have heard my inner self’s cry whenever I sit on the laptop-user-full study area at school. And instilled Roger the irresistible desire to buy a Mac. Thanks good heavens.

Having a limited knowledge on laptops and anything techie, I can say that based on the specs that I understand, this was a good-performing laptop. With Intel Corei5 as the processor, 2gb of video card and 4gb RAM, this satisfies the needs of an engineering student like me. Add to that the already installed applications and games and music and movies. Good catch, e?

My only problem is that I can’t find a high resolution Kim Heechul wallpaper for it. Haha! Big problem!! LOL. But yeah, I haven’t tried setting Heechul’s photo as the desktop wallpaper in my sister’s laptop before. And now, I have a hard time looking for 1366×768 wallpapers to decorate my dekstop.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to personalized my things with Heechul’s face and now that I already have a laptop in my hands, I need to fulfill that dream. I just got to find the proper size of wallpaper or better yet, do just I have to create my own?

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